Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (A Jack Tennis Edit)

Another Jack Tennis Edit. Based on the the 1984 live version (the "stop making sense" album), i've added a new bassline, a new beat and re-arraged the hole track more dj-friendly. Qu'est Que C'est? fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far...


Berlin Festival

Hallo Leute! Sehn wir uns Freitag und Samstag auf dem Berlin Festival? Wir freuen uns vor allem auf: Datarock, Peaches, 2 many DJs, Tele,The Presets, Uffie&Feadz und Shitdisco!
Wir, Berlin Battery (Jack Tennis, Shir Khan, Dj Supermarkt), legen Freitag auf der Aftershow mit DJ Mehdi im Tape auf. Kommt alle rum!!!


Gameboy/Gamegirl - fruitsalad (healthy boys delight)

Gameboy/Gamegirl come from melbourne and their music is all about repetition, being cooler than most, good clothes, good tunes, hustling cunt and partying harder than you.
they bring back the fun in electro-rave. enjoy and SMILE! i don't think this song is released yet... http://www.myspace.com/gameboygamegirl
your supermarkt

The Toxic Avenger - Escape (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Here comes some new french electro/funk/rock sound from the great Toxic Avenger. The Bloody Bedroots Remix is a total reconstruction of the original and will be released in august, so watch out. But first check out their myspace for more music: http://www.myspace.com/toxavanger and http://www.myspace.com/thebloodybeetroots. Many thanks to Discodust!


Stephanie Mills - Medicine Song (A Jack Tennis Edit)

Yo freaks, I have a new re-edit for you! This time it's Stephanie Mills "Medicine Song" (1984 on Casablanca Rec.). I threw all the 80's Kitsch in the dustbin so that you can join the beat. She's got the cure!


MIDDLEMAN - when you're in love

hey, this is what popmusic should sound like in my ears. a bit twisted, a bit disturbing, but catchy like hell. This is BIG. Middleman come form Leeds and they sound soooo british. Find out more: http://myspace.com/middlemanpop ."when you're in love" is the b-side to first 7 inch "blablahblah", which you have to buy. Have a look at the video! they say: A BIG SQUIDGY MISH MASH OF BLEEPS, SUBS, CHOPS AND CATCHY MELODIES THEN COATED WITH BIG HIT CHORUSES ALL HELD TOGETHER WITH INDEERING STORY LINES AND SNEAKY LYRICS. your supermarkt!

Golden Bug - We love Tokyo

This is one simple, but absolutely effective tool by Golden Bug from Paris. Upcoming release from Germanys freshest label Gomma. Out on September, 17th.

Goblin - Tenebre

In case you didnt know, this here is the track that got jacked by JUSTICE for PHANTOM.
Goblin are an Italian progressive rock band known for their soundtracks for Dario Argento films
(including Deep Red of 1975, also known as Profondo Rosso, and Suspiria of 1977).
Tenebrae is the soundtrack to Dario Argento's film of the same title, first released as an album in 1982, and reissued most recently in 2004 with multiple bonus tracks. The score was composed and performed by three former members of the defunct rock group, Goblin, who briefly reunited at the request of the film's director.
- So - tomorrow you can see JUSTICE - not Goblin - in Hamburg performing at Übel&Gefährlich. Either we go there, and straight afterwards we go to the Melt!Festival, or we gonna see NAMOSH performing with the BONERS, including Jack Tennis on Bass.



Sie so:" Wie war denn jetzt der Daft Punk Film?" Er so:"Naja, ganz ok bis schon ganz geil. So old-school stylermäßig eben." Sie so:" Hä, was soll das denn sein?" Er so:" Die hatten halt die ganze Zeit ihre geilen Helme auf, liefen durch geile Landschaften und dazu gabs geile Musik. Aber old-school Musik. Nix von denen. Und haben immer bekannte Filme zitiert." Sie so."Hm. Und die Story und so?" Er so:" Die beiden sind zwei Roboter die Menschen werden wollen und lassen sich mit so'ner Paste menschliche Gesichter über ihre Helme basteln. Funktioniert aber nicht, weil alles in der Sonne schmilzt. Ich verrat das Ende mal lieber nicht, vielleicht willst'en dir ja ooch noch ankieken. Aber vorher ordentlich kiffen! Gibts ab Herbst auf DVD." Sie so: "Ja, ma kucken. Wie haben die sich denn eigentlich unterhalten, wenn die Roboter sind?" Er so: "Gar nicht. Die laufen stumm duch die Wüste. Aber läuft ja manchmal Musik."


Friendly Fires - Bring out your dead

Friendly Fires are from Nottingham and my favorite Punk-Funk band at the moment. There are two 10 Inches you MUST have with rocking ESG-meets-The Rapture songs, that stick in your ear after a second! NME: "they are like Hot Chip with a proper Rock'n'Roll frontman!" Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/friendlyfires

MILES BONNY - Miles gets open

Miles Bonny is from Kansas City. He sings, makes beats, plays trumpet, rhodes, raps, etc.. and fuses Hip Hop, Soul and Disco into a....well, Miles Bonny. There is a CD called "Smell smoke", which i don't know yet, but check out this 7 Inch. This song is based on samples from Black Moon's classic "I Got Cha Open". It's so smooth, it could be Barry White singing/crooning. And his trumpet playing is excellent, too. Lovely and sweet! for lovers!


Audioporno - Voulez vous

Yes - we all have hated so much on trance and eurodance, but it seems to come back in a weird way. You can hear some Sinden tracks that pick up on that kind of style as well as in the Baltimore club Scene. Check out Audiopornos Baltimore Club Version of Faithless - Insomnia...this is the track that killed it at Wasserwerk Club in Bern this weekend.

Audioporno - Top Of The Pops Vol. 4 mix

Wow. What a great weekend with Audioporno at Wasserwerk Club in Bern. If you ask for personal taste I have to say that Audioporno - alongside the Roundtable Kinghts - are the freshest Djs from Switzerland when it comes to mixing up Crunk, Baltimore, Fidgit House, Neo-Rave, Disco and Eurodance. Audioporno sound like a mixture of Justice meets Pharrel meets Diplo meets Switch meets 2Unlimited. Audioporno have been doing tracks and remixes for Paris the black Fu, Princess Superstar, Tomyboy, The Glamours and so many more. They have released some of their mash-ups on Vinyl on Exploited last year. In Berlin they have played at Cookies and Rio - where they killed it - so far. Go and check out part 4 of their online mix-series Top of the Pops.

20 Fingers - Short Dick Man (Shino rmx)
Twista ft. Pharrell - Give It Up
Bonde Do Role - Marina Do Bairro
The Glamour - Get Into It
Terry Lynn - Kingstonlogic
Stink Mitt - Pimp It
M.I.A. - Boyz
Shy Child - NWS (Buraka Som Sistema rmx)
Pase Rock - Sexy MF (E-Marces “fuckin’ in the shower“ overnoise edit)
Pharoahe Monch - Body Baby (Count Of Monte Cristal & Sinden rmx)
Bonde Do Role - Office Boy (Shir Khan rmx)
Bobmo - To The Bobmobile
Puzique - Thomas
Sinden - Haterzzzzzz
Sebastien Tellier - Chivers As A Female
Spektrum - Kinda New (Dirty South 07 rmx)
Van Rivers - Kill The Disco (Meaty minimal dub mix)
Philipe De Boyar - Future Now
DatA - Aerius Light


Pase Rock - so fucking disco

love this one. really dirty downbeat disco from the MC of the five deez possee. Sounds a bit like Spank Rock, who are also friends. No release yet, as far as i know, but there is a new 12 Inch out with "Lindsay Lohan's revenge" , another good song.


The Pussycat Dolls vs Matthew Dear

Dj STV SLV combines Matthew Dear's "Shy" (from Asa Breed) and Pussycat Dolls' "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me" - Booty Action!

Milk Kan & Dolly Parton - here ya come again and again

My favorite song at the moment. Milk kan sounds like a dirty brother of Mike Skinner (The Streets). Here he sings with/on Dolly Parton's hit "here you come again". What a great idea! Buy it! http://www.myspace.com/milkthekan
your supermarkt

Kathy Diamond - The Moment

Ever heard of Kathy Diamond? She's Maurice Fultons new sidekick. Disco-Music somewhere between early 80s, Soul and Funk. I love it. Check out her new album "Miss Diamond To You" on Permanent Vacation.

Groove Armada - Song 4 Mutya (Panic Rmx)

After their great 12" GET DOWN I am quite dissappointed with their new single SONG 4 MUTYA. Also the Kissy Sellout rmx will not make it on my Turntable. But actually the Panic Remix is quite well. So check this out.


Surkin - Kiss N Horns

No need to introduce Surkin anymore. He just does everything right. My favourite one is KISS N HORNS at the moment. I use this track to get the party into a rave-mode and it always works. Thanks to Institubes.

Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar - Licky (Work it out) / Herve goes Low Remix

Okay - I think I have been playing this track now for nearly 4 Months and it still seems to be one of the freshest tracks on the dancefloor. I just have to tell everybody - you cant go wrong with a Herve Rmx. His remix just kills it always - at least when the synths come in in the middle of the track, its always people screaming - and yes - more an more glowsticks have been seen waving to this one. I am gonna post this in a perfect sound quality - so I guess in most blogs the quality of this track is not so good. Go and grab it. Berlin Battery Essential!

Ben Mono - Beatbox (Jesse Rose Rmx)

So, Ben Mono aka Paul Beller recently moved from Muinch to Berlin. He just dropped his album and here is his second 12inch Beatbox. A bass heavy bit-hop blast with Cap spitting catchy but razorsharp lyrics. Check out the Jesse Rose Rmx. It sounds a bit different to most of the remixes he has done in the past.

Dr Love - Bumblebeez (Trizzy's Free IPhone Mix aka A-Trak)

Okay - I know we just posted the original track, but I think you should also have this version here. Its a A-Trak remix of the Bumblebeez track Dr.Love, under his "trizzy" production moniker. The single is out in Australia July 7th with this and remixes by Soft Tigers and Architecture in Helsinki on Modular.


Jahcoozi - BLN - Stereotyp RMX

Jahcoozi from Berlin are killing it all over the place since years. The trio from Berlin started as a big mash of blip-hop, bashment, electro and punk. Jahcoozi-member Robert Koch, who is also a member of The Tape, must be one of the busiest producers in Berlin. Each day he has a new tune for his different aliases such as Autodrive, The Tape or Jahcoozi.
This tune here is so exclusive that we can only give it away for 2 weeks. Then, we will take it off. Their Berlin anthem BLN will get its release on Bpitch-control with a massive Stereotyp-Rmx. Stereotyp is a genius beat producer from Vienna. No one has said so far - but I think he sounds like a mixture of Switch, Jesse Rose, Sinden, Herve and Crookers. So...maybe you would say he sounds all Fidgit House, but he brings in his own kind of bassbin-flavour. Go and check this out. Heavy exclusive.

Breakbot - Happy Rabbit

Just came back from Fusion-Festival and the Vice-Party in Frankfurt. I must confess I had a massive weekend.
Here is one of the tunes I dropped during the warm-up at the Fusion. This track just drives me mental. Its by a guy called Breakbot. I have been watching this dude for a quite a while and yes - he got signed to Moshi Moshi - one of my favourite labels. Okay - he sounds really french and indeed he is french...but listen for yourself. Check out his myspace here:


Modular records from Australia do it again. My favorite label at the moment by far (home of Cut Copy, Avalanches, Presets, Wolf Mother...)! This samples (as far as i know) "fly robin fly" by Silver Convention. This is dirty Disco-Rap-stuff.

JEANS TEAM - Wunderbar (le hammond inferno version)

here's one that got away! le hammond inferno remixed this romantic lovesong by the fabulous JEANS TEAM. No idea, why it was never released.... well, honestly, if you listen, there are one or two good reasons why it was never....

Daft Punk - live in berlin (3 minuten)

Went to see DAFT PUNK live in Berlin and their show really blew my mind. If you have the chance to see them, it is worth every single euro you spend. They play new versions of all their songs and the visual concept is the best i ever ever saw in my whole life. My video is shit quality (mobile) but maybe you get an idea of what it was like. Imagine eighties LED-style mixed with a bit of computer graphics. Incredible. i had my mouth open for two hours! Go and see them!

NELSON - i say you can't stop (data remix)

paris band Nelson in a great rockin' electro-remix from DATA.