As a teaser for this massive party I got 7 Free Trax for you from Exploited. Download here:
Exploited Records MP3 Showcase

16.10. VILLA Berlin. Landsberger Allee 54. Ab 0.00

DJs: MOWGLI (Exploited/Deadfish/London)
MALENTE&DEX (Exploited/Berlin)
SHIR KHAN (Exploited/Berlin)
HOMEWORK (Exploited/Made to Play/Amsterdam)
SAVAGE SKULLS (Exploited/Mad Decent/Dubsided/
Sound Pellegrino/Stockholm)
JACK TENNIS (Berlin Battery/Gomma)
VJ ULTRAMOODEM (Exploited/Berlin)
+ Special Guest

The Incredible Exploited Records Bang Bang Show !!!

You are cordially invited to the Three Year Anniversary of Exploited Records!!! Exploited Records is one of electro's most consistently bold and genre-redefining labels. Energetic, fun and unexpectable. We have invited all our friends that have contributed to the label in the last 3 years. Be sure to expect some unannounced Big Special Guests as well.


After years of bringing the freshest underground house sounds to an ever-growing following in their home town of Amsterdam, these two were catapulted onto the underground house clique following by releases on Exploited and Made To Play. This will be Homework's Berlin Debut.

Wot u call it? Sahara House? Expect the unexpected. This chart topping duo is sure to bring some middle eastern vibes with sitar loops, some Balkan fun combined with jaunty house, to sum it up, they will make you bounce off the walls.

With his imprint Deadfish, Italian producer Mowgli has created a very fresh new housesound. His creations are fun filled, quirky house music with the influx of ethnic samples.

Savage Skulls compose fast-paced, elegant and generally ridiculous dance music in their shared studio, and are enjoying some well- deserved international success. Stay tuned for an exciting 2011 that will see them releasing an EP on Exploited and Sound Pellegrino, as well as unveiling a brand new collaborative project with Crookers called Dr. Gonzo.

A girl from Yugoslavia makes dancefloor bangers fusing the hype of turbofolk and the jivey pizaz of township house with dancehall and hip-hop. Gnucci Banana's been blowing minds with her sassy raps on tracks as well as her wild stage antics.

Besides being the head honcho of Exploited, Shir Khan is an accomplished DJ and remixer, not to mention promoter of his Berlin Night "Berlin Battery" and host of his weekly show on Radio Fritz. After a small break he is back in full effect - remixing as well as working on his first solo tracks to be heard in early 2011 finally!

Jack Tennis was resident DJ at "Rio" and "Scala", two parties, who literally revolutionized the music scene in Berlin. Also, he works as a producer and remixer with releases on munichs hipster label "Gomma" or "What What Records". His sound always combines electronic beats peppered with some soul and funk. Jack Tennis is - alongside DJ Supermarkt and Shir Khan - a member of the music blog Berlin Battery.

Ultramoodem has been the resident VJ of the Berlin Battery Partys and has contributed many video flicks for Exploited. Expect some Vanilla Ice-DIY-over the top-Styles.

Homework - I Got One (You're It) / Exploited Records from exploited records on Vimeo.

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