Homework - Naked Lunch At The Beat Hotel

Killer DJ-Mix from Amsterdam's kings of the undergound: HOMEWORK. I just aired the mix yesterday in my radioshow. Lots of great music in there. Check it.


“Homework - Naked Lunch At The Beat Hotel Mixtape”

1. Paul Frick - Something Blue - Kalk Pets 2. Smirk & Wolf And Lamb - Side Of Penis - Wolf + Lamb 3. Sandrien feat. Kelly Mark - I Really - Intacto 4. Burnski - Jigsaw - 2020 Vision 5. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - Walking The Pattern - Circus Company 6. Cesare vs. Disorder - Don’t Leave Me - Safari Electronique 7. David Keno & M.in - Can’t Feel - Sonido 8. Gadi Mizrahi - Can’t Stop This Feeling - Simple 9. Tigerskin - Mistakes - Dirt Crew 10. Peter Horrevorts - Escapade - Suol 11. Findling & Lihab - Stay Down - Kindisch 12. Jones & Mizrahi - Nasty Things - Wolf + Lamb Black 13. Tornado Wallace - Swimmin’ - Delusions Of Grandeur 14. Linkwood - Electricity - Prime Numbers 15. Inxec & Matt Tolfrey - Hollywood - Culprit 16. Nicolas Jaar - Angles - Circus Company

>>>Homework - Naked Lunch At The Beat Hotel


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Jim hat gesagt…

Hey Berlin Battery,

Love the Naked Lunch reference. Looking forward to playing the album.

I don't know if it's your kind of thing but you might like to know about our new production, The Beat Hotel. It's in its very early stages, with a Facebook campaign launched this week to get support so the comedy show part of the production can be made, but there are other components coming further down the line, all rather different but all in the spirit of the beat generation.

The campaign is running from our Facebook Page, and there's more details in the news release.


The Beat Hotel