Digitalism&Shir Khan@Weekendclub Berlin today

I had such a good time in Thailand I nearly forgot about blogging for a second. However - if you are in town you could come to Weekendclub today (Me and Digitalism spinning). Tomorrow you can catch Jack Tennis at Cookies and me Djing at Ritterbutzke. See you somewhere on the dancefloor. A good new year to all of you.



What a great new band from iceland! You defenitly have to check out their album "How To Make Friends" (out in february), incl. their next single "Par Avion". Here is the story behind this song : "One very cold winter day there was an article in the newspaper about an Icelandic girl that had moved to the Caribbean and was renting a house on the beach for a small amount of money. At the time it felt almost ridiculous to live on a frozen island and pay high rent for a tiny apartment. We just wanted to move right away. It helps singing this song, then you can go to the Caribbean for 3 minutes and 47 seconds."

This is electro-pop at it's best and the next big thing in 2010. Word!

Fm Belfast-Synthia (ysi)


21 year old wunderkind Jonthan Boulet from Sidney just released his debut album on MODULAR and it is as great as expected. The guy reminds me of the young D.I.Y.- Beck, mixed with some Vampire Weekend, Empire of the Sun and lots of other things. "A Community Service Announcement" is one of my songs of 2009 already, now there is a disturbing video for it. Wonder if this album ever gets a proper release in Germany or drowns somewhere in the basements of Warner like the Cut Copy album.


tonight: EBONY BONES in berlin

The place to go tonight: See you there!


DJ Shir Khan Liverecording at Cubic Club, Salamanca, Spain (20.11.09)

Normally I dont like if a club makes a liverecording of my DJ-Set - especially if you dont know it before. Suddenly a DJ-set of yours appears online....and you are not happy with it because nobody knew you were fucked up or told you that this particular girl was asking for Paul Kalkbrenner non-stop:( which kind of made you mess up your set. On the other hand sometimes I am glad if there is a recording - because it cant get any realer. Well - at Cubic Club in Salamanca (Spain) my Set was recorded and I didnt know before. It was definetly not my best set and also not my most advanced. But to make a long story short.....as we are already heading to the year 2010 - I thought that this set includes a lot of sureshots from 2009....so here you go. Get your Shir Khan dose. A warm hello to all of you from Bangkok.
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DJ Shir Khan Liverecording at Cubic Club, Salamanca, Spain (20.11.09)