Shir Khan - Bombaklaatlivemix 1

Long time no sign from me....I have been locked finishing my upcoming Cd, doing some remixes ect. This week I am playing 4 times...exhausting. 2 Partys not to be missed are these here... Fanklub Deejays are cool Djs from Belgium who run the monthly BLAST YOUR GHETTO-Party in Antwerp. Also included on the lineup: Dancemachine who I have already Djed with and I really liked her set last time in Brussels. Saturday is Picknick-time in Berlin....they are opening the outdoor-area which will be nice. Me and the Roundtable Knights taking it to the next level....and you wanna know how next level shit sounds? Here: download my 1 hour live-mix - no editing. Since there is a lot of exclusive material in there I dont post a playlist.
Shir Khan - Bombaklaatlivemix 1

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It's good to have news !
Will listen to this ears wide open...