DJ SUPERMARKT - spanish weekender

I'm getting ready for another hard-party Spain weekend in two legendary clubs... and with Pablo...
Two places (and Pablo) full of memories of wild nights and huge hangovers...
I'm playing Nitsa club since 1996, so it is actually the longest residency not only for me (and le hammond inferno) but also for the club. CHAMPAGNE!!!!

friday, 10.04.
Barcelona, Nitsa Club

saturday, 11.04
Taragona, Sala El Cau

come along, if you dare!!!!


OliVida hat gesagt…

Big props for Dj Supermarkt, just discovered ur mixes recently and really diggin ur sounds esp the better than prince mix. Have u ventured to Asia before to spin?

dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

thanks a lot for the nice words. Toured japan a lot (six times) with my partner as Le Hammond Inferno. We also had a label and released japanese music in the western world. Love asia!