Tonka - Website (Malente Re-Edit)

That guy is old skool. In 1995 Tonka started releasing his unique productions between house, techno, rave, italo and jungle on legendray Force Inc Records. In my humble opinion classics like „Feel“, „Phun-ky“ and „Flashback“ are so now, they yearn for remixes by the Institubes camp, Hervé or Jack Beats.

Speaking of Remixes. Tonka himself touched not only „Show me love“, but also „Trapped“, „Love Shack“ and „Push it“ over the years. These and his own „She Knows You“, „Don’t be afraid“ or „Heartjumpa“ ensured him huge commerical success. He didn’t sell his soul though as he has always experimented with new influences from Big Beat to 2Step to (now) Fidget plus has his own label to be independent for almost as long as his whole career. Not to forget he’s got a huge soul, so even if he sold parts of that soul over the years, I wouldn’t be able to tell. That’s how great of a guy he is.

I’ll never forget the first or second time we met around 2000. It was the Echo (German Music Awards) afterparty. We drunk our heads of , made fun of all the retarded musc industry people and freaked out dancing to the Prodigy. But enough reminiscing.

Tonka is back after a well deserved three years break. And it wouldn’t be him if he didn’t give us the huge Ibiza Anthem „Orca“ (big with Carl Craig and all the serious DJs, out on Great Stuff) and the rockin’ „Drop Box EP“ at the same time. Later for the stupid DJs like me, already out on Alphabet City. The track I re-edited is off „Drop Box“ and it's so influencial, it made me update my homepage after half a year. Thanks for that.

Tonka - Website (Malente Re-Edit)

Now go buy Tonka’s new treats and of course „Check out my website.“


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