Malente - Axel Fireflies (Mash Up) (06/08/2004)

It's time to admit it. I did that bootleg. Released 06/08/2004 this has been played by everybody and if I remember right even Black Strobe who's Italian Fireflies I (ab)used.

Not to long ago we Berlin Batteries were having dinner and everybody went "I played this forever". Only half of the guys knew that I mashed this up in 2004. Once this mash up even appeared on a compilation where they licensed Harold Faltermeyer's Axel F., credited it and put on my Bootleg instead. Crazy.

If you think I was just stealing all of this, you are probably right and I thought so too until some Crazy Frog half a year later "stole" my mash up and took it to another level. Well, you could say he was inspired by it and thought: "You could do a stupid ringtone and a hilarious video for this. But first of all you have to add a lot of cheapness and cheese. Hahaha! I'm cray. Frog crazy".

Malente - Axel Fireflies (Mash Up) (06/08/2004)

I only have the 192kbps file left. As soon as I finished doing this, I closed and didn't save the arrangement. Furthermore I converted the wav right after into the mp3 and lost it somewhere. The icing on the cake is that if you bought the vinly back then in 2004, you most likely bought a vinyl pressing from a master that was done of a 192kbps file. Shocking. The pic on top is showing Harold Faltermeyer and his buddies recording the original Axel F. tune. Concentrated work. Shocking too. This week fuck myspace.


dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

endlich!!!!! FINALLY!!!!

i would have uploaded it next week...

so now give us the your Blur - there is no other way and CANNONBALL by breeders.



SHIR KHAN hat gesagt…

you made my day.....same for me....
one of my essential classics and whenever i played it everybody freaked out and everybody wanted to know who made this bootleg.

bongwater hat gesagt…

WOOOOOWWWW! Unbelievable, even now the pure radicalism and simplicism is striking. What a daring act! In our coffeeshop this is on highest rotation! 192 kbits is enough for everybody! Bill G.

endi hat gesagt…

haha, how funny. i downloaded this years gao and loved it. there were loads of whitelabels of it floating around and nobody knew who´d done it.
but blackstrobe own bootleg wioth goldfrapp is class as well. can´t find a 320 of this either.

cheers endi / egotronic

ps: and thanks a lot for your edit of saint paulis RgD remix. great stuff!

Simon hat gesagt…

haha jetzt kommst du damit raus? ich weis noch das du den damals im garden gespielt hast und mir dann die pladde geschenkt hast. die hab ich abgenudelt bis die rille durch war...