New Year's Eve with berlin battery's JACK TENNIS & DJ SUPERMARKT

OUTFIT - Oh Love

Not much to say about this one. Check out other Outfit tracks on his myspace.

OUTFIT - Oh Love (ysi)


Shir Khan's Top of the Pops for 2008

Hey everyone. Merry XMAS. Its been a while I posted something and I just came back from Australia. Had some nice parties down there with Dangerous Dan (Bang Gang), Sneaky Soundsystem, Act Yo Age, Kato and many others. And because the year is nearly finished I just wanted to tell you my favourites of 2008. You can also listen to what I have to say about them on the fritzwebsite here:


Best album for 2008:
Munk - Cloudbuster (Gomma)
James Yuill - Turning down water for Air (Moshi Moshi)
The Rapture - Tapes (!K7)

Best track for 2008:
Beni - My love needs you (Relish)
Dj Mujava - Township Funk (This is Music/Warp)
Munk - Down in LA (Shazam Rmx/Gomma)

Cheesiest track for 2008:
Surkin - White Knights Two (Institubes)
Gala - Free from Desire (Roundtable Knights Rmx/Arcademode)

Best concert for 2008:
Hercules&Love Affair
Public Enemy

Best new artist/label for 2009:
Riva Starr
Zombie Disco Squad
Tartelet Records


here is more best of 2008....

Do the Tartelet - Tomski&Fredboy - Tartelet
DUM - Martin Brothers - Dirty Bird
Girlsrock - Siriusmo - Exploited
The Kids Dont stand a Chance (Chromeo Rmx) - Vampire Weekend - XL
The Vamp (Prins Thomas Rmx) - Outlander - R&S Records
Senta Senta - Daniel Haaksman - Man Recordings
Squash - Riva Starr - Made to Play
Miss Pacman (Oliver$ Rmx) - RQM - Exploited
Roar - Patrice Baumel - Get Physical
Left Handed Girl - James Yuille - Moshi Moshi
Arcadia (Boys Noize Rmx) - Apparat - Shitkatapult
Street Players - Voodoo Chilli - Cheap Thrills
Mars - Fake Blood - Cheap Thrills
Jolly Joker (Supermayer Rmx) - Alter Ego - Klang
Trompeta - SIS - SED
Clowns - Style of Eye - Pickadoll
Secousse - Radioclit - Mental Groove
That Beep (Radioclit Rmx) - Architecture in Helsinki - Polivinyl


BERLIN BATTERY COMPILATION (a special Malente Bonus Edit)

This Comp gets a lot of love thruout the net and it deserves every inch of it. It has been re-hosted on a lot of good sites already. From the fast life to lemur to nerdy frames and and and. This all free present came five days early for Christmas, so you might be spoilt getting the greatest gift early this year. Well we Berlin Batteries just made it a bit early to get our friend blogs something to give away in time ;) You haven't got it yet? Shame on you. Here it is again.

BERLIN BATTERY COMPILATION (zShare) (zip file, 89mb)

But today on Christmas day (after a lot of cake) I have a very special addition to the comp of the year. A bonus track not included in the original package. A little extra present.

Heaven 17 - Penthouse And Pavement (Malente Re-Dub)


Fits with my other 80s new wave, pop, disco dubs of Kajagoogoo and Spandau Ballet. Check out the videos of the originals too. These come in handy for your Christmas party or New Years Eve. Did I say that I loved them, loved you, loved the world? I should have...

Spandau Ballet - The Freeze

Heaven 17 - Penthouse And Pavement

Kaja - Turn Your Back On Me



Christmas is here and of course none of you/us has bought presents yet. What can you find anyway for our cool friends that have... well, everything already? So here is your big chance, because Berlin Battery went nuts and gives away a free compilation of nine handemade exclusive tracks for YOU(us)!!! The BB makers spent weeks in their dark basement studios to write and produce these weird dancing diamonds especially for this compilation.
And now we have for you the hottest edits, re-dubs, shredits, booties directly from the hands of Jack Tennis, Ben Mono, Shir Khan (here a.k.a. Liebling), Malente and DJ Supermarkt. Musically it is a very wide story, from Disco to Krautrock to Hip Hop to New Wave-PunkFunk to Westcoats-Disco-Softrock. The tracks that we edited are from extremely diverse artists like the well known Spandau Ballet, Scissor Sisters, Kaja (without Googoo... well without Limahl), Gary Numan, La Bionda, The Rah Band up to the very obscure like The Charlie Calello Orchestra, Gina X or Ian Matthews.
We hope you enjoy this gift and maybe it guides you straight to 2009! Download the zip-file with 9 tracks, incl. a beautiful cd-cover created by bb's very own graphic-designer Dennis Ratzlaff.
Share it and spread it!

Track list:

BERLIN BATTERY COMPILATION (zshare) (zip file, 89mb)

Dj Supermarkt's last party weekend 2008: Madrid & Valencia!

Prepare for the final countdown. Another dj supermarkt weekend in spain with three shows in two days:

19.12. Madrid, Low Club
20.12. Valencia: 47 social club (1:00 - 2:00) & Mill club (4:00 - 6:00).

Meet you there!


DMX KREW - Bad Boy

Ed DMX is back. This track is taken from his new "Bass Drop" EP on Tiga's label Turbo. I love his 80's melodies and this strange melancolic electro feel in most of his tracks. This sounds very december to me...

DMX KREW - Bad Boy (ysi)


METRONOMY - a thing for me (video)

It all looks so simple in the hands of METRONOMY. Their next freaky disco-pop-"earcatcher"-single is here. And alongside: what a video!!! My favorite video of the year, for sure. It's all about karaoke. I especially like the goth being hit by the ball...
Oh, and "nights out" is also one of my 5 favorite records of 2008 (yes, don't worry, my best-of-list is coming in the week after christmas, like last year).

If you don't own a copy of this album yet, we have no mercy for you. So don't come back to berlin battery until you bought it :-)



Tonka - Website (Malente Re-Edit)

That guy is old skool. In 1995 Tonka started releasing his unique productions between house, techno, rave, italo and jungle on legendray Force Inc Records. In my humble opinion classics like „Feel“, „Phun-ky“ and „Flashback“ are so now, they yearn for remixes by the Institubes camp, Hervé or Jack Beats.

Speaking of Remixes. Tonka himself touched not only „Show me love“, but also „Trapped“, „Love Shack“ and „Push it“ over the years. These and his own „She Knows You“, „Don’t be afraid“ or „Heartjumpa“ ensured him huge commerical success. He didn’t sell his soul though as he has always experimented with new influences from Big Beat to 2Step to (now) Fidget plus has his own label to be independent for almost as long as his whole career. Not to forget he’s got a huge soul, so even if he sold parts of that soul over the years, I wouldn’t be able to tell. That’s how great of a guy he is.

I’ll never forget the first or second time we met around 2000. It was the Echo (German Music Awards) afterparty. We drunk our heads of , made fun of all the retarded musc industry people and freaked out dancing to the Prodigy. But enough reminiscing.

Tonka is back after a well deserved three years break. And it wouldn’t be him if he didn’t give us the huge Ibiza Anthem „Orca“ (big with Carl Craig and all the serious DJs, out on Great Stuff) and the rockin’ „Drop Box EP“ at the same time. Later for the stupid DJs like me, already out on Alphabet City. The track I re-edited is off „Drop Box“ and it's so influencial, it made me update my homepage after half a year. Thanks for that.

Tonka - Website (Malente Re-Edit)

Now go buy Tonka’s new treats and of course „Check out my website.“



KIDDA - under the sun (HERVE rmx)

This remix is definetely one of my Top-Club-Burners this year. Now it turned into a video...
Oh, and the album is one of my top-pop-albums this year! So well done, Mr Kidda!
He not only produces the music, but also the videos himself.... (hard to beat, you "Streber")

we posted about him earlier with lots of infos and music to download, so check it out: here!




This is simply amazing and in a world of it's own! No big words from my side on this one: Imagine Primal Scream with Andrew Weatherall (era Screamadelica), DFA-style beats and coolness, a bit of Flaming Lips, some 90s Rave elements, oriental samples and a psycheldelic fucked up feel. This is pop-art and sounds like nothing on earth so far. They have a six track EP (CD @ juno and download @ other music) out which will be one of my top 5 records of 2008! Also yours? Get it while you can!!!!

>>>LEMONADE - blissful

>>>LEMONADE - Big Weekend (Delorean rmx)



VYLE - Possible

This is new HipHop (i hope...). Vyle's oldschool raps over 2008 electro-funk, produced by the strongly recommended australian youngster Shazam. This is what I need to make my dark and cold berlin days more bright and warm. Thank you guys!

VYLE - Possible (ysi)


DJ SUPERMARKT in Tarragona & Porto

Shitty wheather in Berlin... and no end in sight (well, probabyly march/april 09...). But i am playing in the south of europe this weekend and hope to see and feel a ray of sunshine (if i am awake during the day...).

Tarragona, Sala GreenBack
"Jacques "Tati" Tennis-dancing contest"

Porto, Bazaar

and one of the songs i am eager to play this weekend is this remix for LCD SOUNDSYSTEM by Go Home productions, which is part of the great remix-album "Sounds like silver".

see you there!

>>>LCD SOUNDSYSTEM - us vs them (Go Home Productions rmx)


Shir Khan@Neidklub/6.12.08

Ok. Its not possible for me to top Malentes "Axel Fireflies"-Post today, so I am not even trying.
Actually I was just about to upload a tune I am sure everybody would be absolutely crazy for. But I just realized its not on my harddrive. I have to search it on CD (ripped from vinyl)...so thats gonna come soon.
For now I just give you the info that I am playing at my favourite clubnight in Hamburg this Saturday (Nikolaus). Check me out at Neidklub. And to give you some goodie: Here is my interview with Mr.Oizo which I did for my radioshow. Mr.Oizo is a freak! The whole truth with Mr.Oizo here. Word! Please forgive my voice on this - I was sick.
Shir Khan&Mr.Oizo@Radio Fritz

Malente - Axel Fireflies (Mash Up) (06/08/2004)

It's time to admit it. I did that bootleg. Released 06/08/2004 this has been played by everybody and if I remember right even Black Strobe who's Italian Fireflies I (ab)used.

Not to long ago we Berlin Batteries were having dinner and everybody went "I played this forever". Only half of the guys knew that I mashed this up in 2004. Once this mash up even appeared on a compilation where they licensed Harold Faltermeyer's Axel F., credited it and put on my Bootleg instead. Crazy.

If you think I was just stealing all of this, you are probably right and I thought so too until some Crazy Frog half a year later "stole" my mash up and took it to another level. Well, you could say he was inspired by it and thought: "You could do a stupid ringtone and a hilarious video for this. But first of all you have to add a lot of cheapness and cheese. Hahaha! I'm cray. Frog crazy".

Malente - Axel Fireflies (Mash Up) (06/08/2004)

I only have the 192kbps file left. As soon as I finished doing this, I closed and didn't save the arrangement. Furthermore I converted the wav right after into the mp3 and lost it somewhere. The icing on the cake is that if you bought the vinly back then in 2004, you most likely bought a vinyl pressing from a master that was done of a 192kbps file. Shocking. The pic on top is showing Harold Faltermeyer and his buddies recording the original Axel F. tune. Concentrated work. Shocking too. This week fuck myspace.



This dream team is part of a fashion-campaign. So what! Great hypnotic N.E.R.D. produced song, great video and a collaboration possibly invented in heaven!



URBAN MYTH EDIT - It's In The Music

Soul, Funk, Disco! This edit from Johnson and Youngbloods "The Funk is in the music" (1983, Westend Rec.), made by the guys from Urban Myth, is one of my disco favourits. Check out their other releases on their myspace if you like that kind of D.I.S.C.O.

URBAN MYTH EDIT - It's In The Music.mp3 (ysi)