Shir Khan@Elysee Biarritz/Paris+Shir Khan&Roundtable Knights@Contort Yourself/Manchester

The weekend is going to be mad. Friday I am playing in Paris with Special Ed (the guy who also does the Antisocial-parties@Social Club) at an exclusive event at an old cinema (Elysee Biarritz)@PARTY ANIMALS. Saturday, I am Djing with my buddies Roundtable Knights at the massive CONTORT YOURSELF-Party in Manchester@Roadhouse. Then, I am gonna go to London for a few days. Yippie.

and here is the Roundtable Knights Remix for our friends Gameboy/Gamegirl. Check it, very hot:

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Fruit Salat (Roundtable Knights Remix).mp3 (ysi)

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zshare link will follow. their system is fucked up today, please use the ysi link. sorry.