This is what WEEN should sound like today, if they would still have that sense of that modern, experimental fun pop anarchy of "Chocolate & Cheese". Starfucker (or Strfkr...?) from Portland/Oregon to me sound like The Teenagers jamming with The Flaming Lips in a Kindergarten Spielgruppe... This is weird pop music from two guys that play their gigs in women's dresses and did their album in the parents bedroom (well maybe not...). Their sound has no rules, but they still play Pop (in a very wide sense).
One of their songs called "German Love" spread through the internet some time ago and it will be one of my tunes of the year. Now there is an album, and i have to say, this is really really good and "serious fun". Totally unique and mindblowing.
Oh, and I really like the fact that they are not dropping every gig they ever did on youtube and their weird totally non-informational myspace. This is full of myths, i love it! One of the albums of the year, for sure!

>>>STARFUCKER - Florida.mp3



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Sorry Dude, i just cant see/hear your connection between ween and starf*cker.Maybe not enough drugs on their side or just too far out west? (ween are from New Jersey) Where's the sick humor and citing of 15 different styles on one album? Anyways check out "Anoraak", you will love them! c ya!