Da Fresh - Insomnia & Madness (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Looks depresing? Well, I can assure you it doesn’t sound depressing at all. It's far more cheesy then it looks.

I mashed this up some months ago. The main ingredient is an instrumental called „Madness“ by french producer Da Fresh, who throws a DAF-esque synth bassline an a stomping beat, creating an irresistable groover. I shortened that a lot and put some cheesy Faithless vocals on top. Shoot me if you don’t like it. Or just wait till next week.

Hey and don’t buy those crappy Faithless records, spend your money on Da Fresh’s tunage and hug him on myspace. By the way DAF or Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft released some great albums like "Die Kleinen und die Bösen" as well as "Gold und Liebe". What they did latetly though is crap and sounds like Rammstein. Speaking of Rammstein. Don't visit their myspace, they have far too many friends already. And who knows, there might be explosions and fire in your computer and shit.

Da Fresh - Insomnia & Madness (MALENTE Re-Edit)
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