27.09.08:Exploited&Berlin Battery presents: Malente&Dex-Recordrelease@Villa

This Saturday we have a new edition of our Berlin Battery Party.
Here are the facts:
Sa - 27.09.08 - Villa - Landsberger Allee 54 - Berlin - 23.00
MALENTE&DEX Record Release
ft. RIVA STARR (Dirty Bird/Made to Play), MALENTE (Exploited/Fools Gold),
DEX aka DANIEL DEXTER (Exploited/Television Rocks), SHIR KHAN (Exploited/BB),
Upstairs: Ponypop vs Schlechtboys

This is the recordrelease of MALENTE&DEX - HYPERACTIVE (+remixes from BOBMO, RIVA STARR, BIRD PETERSON/Exploited Records)
The feedback on this 12" has been simply amazing. Therefore, we invited MALENTE&DEX aka DANIEL DEXTER for you.
MALENTE has more hot remixes coming out soon for the ones of ARMAND VAN HELDEN and others (his TWOCKER Rmx was hot too btw). He will also release a 12"on SOUTHERN FRIED in December and another hottie on FOOLS GOLD next year. DANIEL DEXTER is the new underground-don. He has been Djing crazy and just killed it with his latest track WHERE'S MY MIND (a coverversion of THE PIXIES) which got lots of love.
Last but not least, we invited one of the remixers of the record. We are very proud to host RIVA STARR from London (actually we got him even before Watergate could invite him to the GET PHYSICAL-Night with MANDY).
RIVA STARR is an italian guy who lives in London and has his studio at the back of 93FEET EAST in Bricklane. There he shares a studiospot with 2 more Italians: MOWGLI and SOLO. RIVA STARR has been dropping bombs on DIRTY BIRD, FRONTROOM, SOUTHERN FRIED, KINDISCH and remixed AUDIOBULLYS, TWOCKER, DEADSET, RADIOCLIT, RENE VAN MUNSTER and of course MALENTE&DEX. He will release more good stuff on MADE TO PLAY soon and he just did an amazing mix for ANNIE MAC on BBC RADIO1 which you can hear this Saturday on BBC1 (scroll down for link).
For now we gonna give away 2 tracks of RIVA STARR from his SCRATCH'N ITCH-EP on SOUTHERN FRIED as well as the BOBMO-Remix of HYPERACTIVE from MALENTE&DEX which was hosted by our favourite XLR8R-staff.
Get everything here:
>>>Riva Starr - Scracth'n Itch/Jack my Bell (zipfile)
>>>Malente&Dex - Hyperactive (Bobmo Rmx)via XLR8R

>>>Exploited Records
>>>Riva Starr@Myspace
>>>Annie Mac@BBC Radio1
>>>Dex aka Daniel Dexter@Myspace

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