Malente&Dex are the new superteam and they are going superstrong on Exploited. For their upcoming release "HYPERACTIVE" with remixes from Bobmo, Bird Peterson and Riva Starr they get lots of love from Erol Alkan, Surkin, Tommie Sunshine, Herve, Fake Blood, Zombie Nation, Jokers of the Scene and so many more.
Therefore, we decided to make a little party in Daniels (DEX:) hometown Ingolstadt. Next Friday - if you live in Bavaria - join us. Of course we gonna do the proper big deal here in Berlin as well. Check all of us out on September 27th at VILLA! Word. But...did I tell you that this Saturday there is also a Berlin Battery party at Picknick? We are hosting one floor with Larry Tee and Munk at Tanjas B-Day....Yippie...gonna be loads of fun!

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