DAS POP - Underground

Simply love these guys. This is perfect POP!!!, top quality, and catchy as...well..., The Beatles maybe?! This would make you smile the whole day, if this would be on radio in the morning while waking up (again, in a better world...).
It's is the second single from their new, third album which is produced by none other than the brothers Dewaele (also known as Soulwax, 2 Many DJs). Makes sense as they are next door neighbours in the small city of Genth in Belgium.
Wanna hear my Genth (in German: Gent) story? No? Well, here it is (there is no stoppin...sorry):
In the early eighties I saw an advertisement for one of the rare continental european concerts of Paul Weller & The Jam in the NME. It said "Genk" (Belgium) as the city, but me and my friends thought that the royal british islanders mixed it up with the bigger city Gent, because we never ever heard of Genk. Arriving in Gent that evening dying with pride to finally see a concert of The Jam, we found out that there was no show of the Jam in Gent. It was...well...what can i say... in a city called Genk in Belgium, which was around 150 kilometers away from Gent (and actually really close to my hometown Düsseldorf). So we jumped in the car, broke all traffic rules just to arrive in time to see a lot of happy people leaving the show. Really sad, that day for me and my friends...

You should really try to catch DAS POP in concert, because they are such a good Liveband, too. I remember seeing them at the Melt festvial 2 or 3 years ago and although being only three people on stage, they blew me away with their power and fun on stage. Singer Bent made singing and playing drums at the same time look like a children's game. (but go to the right city...)

Here is a really nice pumping electro-disco remix of Australia's VAN SHE. Great to play out:

>>>DAS POP - Underground (Van She Club Mix).mp3


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