JACK TENNIS - Holiday Greetings Mix

I'm a busy man, so this year I had to spent my holidays not far away on my imaginary balcony in my adoped country Berlin. But I had some time to make a new DJ-Mix for you with some nice tunes for the late summer.

This is the tracklist:

1. James Pants feat. Deon Davis - Crystal Lite
2. Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Reverso 68 Mix)
3. Le Knight Club - Holidays On Ice (Jack Tennis Edit)
4. Cave Bear Cult - Spaghetti Disco (SDC Edit)
5. Kathy Diamond - All Woman
6. Raw DMX - Do It To The Funk (Greg Wilson Edit)
7. Neonman - Nightclubbing (Jack Tennis Remix)
8. Kraak & Smaak - Bobby and Whitney
9. Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer (Jack Tennis Remix)
10. Diskodeine - Joystick
11. Moby - I like To Move In Here (Holy Ghost Remix/Jack Tennis Edit)
12. Waldorf - You're My Disco (Jack Tennis Edit)
13. Gary Low - You Are A Danger (Romeo Erotic Remix)
14. Tek Box - Move Your Hips (Reverso 68 Remix)
15. Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost Extended Disco Dub)
16. The Juan MacLean - Happy House (Trim The Fat Jeans Edit)
17. Wade Nichols - Wanda Rode Again
18. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

JACK TENNIS - Holiday Greetings Mix.mp3


Shir Khan London-Special@Radio Fritz

Last week i was in London and I got loads of hot new tunes there. If you wanna get a bit of the feeling of what has been played by Major Lazer (Diplos and Switch's dancehall project) at the Nottinghill Carnival, you should check out my 30minute London-special I made for Radio Fritz. Including "The Message is Love" from "Silverlink" which was performed by Jammer&Badness together with Diplo and Switch at the Carnival.
Besides the Carnival (which is only once a year) I suggest you to check out Trailer Trash on Friday - if you are in London. Its probably still the best night in town. Had a very good time there. Went to some afterhour at "Wet Yourself" which was ok ("Deadset" played) but nothing outstanding. More funny was an illegal spot (an old sex club) near Bethnal Green where the party didnt want to stop. And now grab the file. Including new tunes from Tigerstyle, Silverlink, Actionman ect.
Ahh....and dont worry.....there is no sound in the first 20 seconds.....so you have to skip 20 seconds in the beginning until you hear something...

ISBN 978 0556105 30 - Cassetteboy
London Calling - The Clash
The Message is Love - Silverlink feat. Badness & Jammer
Balle! Shava! (Sinden Rmx) - Tigerstyle feat. Vybz Kartel, Mangi Mahal and Nikitta
Alarm Bell - Action Man
Under your skin - Action Man
Summertime (David E Sugar Rmx) - Wiley
The Terminator - Caspa
Zion Train (Stefano Miele Rmx) - Zion Train

Shir Khan London-Special@Radio Fritz

Shir Khan Megamix Part 2/XLR8R-Podcast

Last week you heard Part1. This week its time for Part2.
Theres many new tunes in there from Consistent, Jjak Hogan, Oliver$Deize Tigrona, David Gilmour Girls, Act yo Age, Tomski&Fredboy...

Shir Khan Megamix Part 2/XLR8R-Podcast


DJ Valis send me this video yesterday. It's the sad story of the end of Paul Mawhinney's world of records.
Over the years he has amassed what has become the world's largest record collection. Due to health issues and a struggling record industry Paul is being forced to sell his collection.

This is the story of a man and his records. I hope you enjoy it.


EMPIRE OF THE SUN - Walking on a dream

PNAU from Australia are one of these bands, that go from shadow to sun in their music. Some is commercial bore, some fresh, hot dancemusic. What i didn't know is that one of them, a guy called Nick Littlemore has got a brand new side project called: Empire of the Sun.
It's sort of Disco-meets-psychedelic-Flaming Lips. "walking on a dream" seems to be their first and only release so far and it's a really poppy emotional disco-electro diamond, which builds up more and more every time you listen to it.

>>>EMPIRE OF THE SUN - Walking on a dream.mp3


well, just found out there is yet another project he is involved in, called TEENAGER (yesyes, lovely hipsters, it is not THE TEENAGERS...)

berlinbattery finishes the MELT FESTIVAL

Melt Festival 08: Berlin Battery final show of the festival from Stylewalker on Vimeo.
we all can not forget this amazing über-mad "RAVE" night at the Melt Festival this year. There are these few nights every year, where we together with everybody else can feel the MAGIC. Sounds like Hippieshit? Of course it is!...
well, this is what happened, when we finally finished... enjoy!

DAS POP - Underground

Simply love these guys. This is perfect POP!!!, top quality, and catchy as...well..., The Beatles maybe?! This would make you smile the whole day, if this would be on radio in the morning while waking up (again, in a better world...).
It's is the second single from their new, third album which is produced by none other than the brothers Dewaele (also known as Soulwax, 2 Many DJs). Makes sense as they are next door neighbours in the small city of Genth in Belgium.
Wanna hear my Genth (in German: Gent) story? No? Well, here it is (there is no stoppin...sorry):
In the early eighties I saw an advertisement for one of the rare continental european concerts of Paul Weller & The Jam in the NME. It said "Genk" (Belgium) as the city, but me and my friends thought that the royal british islanders mixed it up with the bigger city Gent, because we never ever heard of Genk. Arriving in Gent that evening dying with pride to finally see a concert of The Jam, we found out that there was no show of the Jam in Gent. It was...well...what can i say... in a city called Genk in Belgium, which was around 150 kilometers away from Gent (and actually really close to my hometown Düsseldorf). So we jumped in the car, broke all traffic rules just to arrive in time to see a lot of happy people leaving the show. Really sad, that day for me and my friends...

You should really try to catch DAS POP in concert, because they are such a good Liveband, too. I remember seeing them at the Melt festvial 2 or 3 years ago and although being only three people on stage, they blew me away with their power and fun on stage. Singer Bent made singing and playing drums at the same time look like a children's game. (but go to the right city...)

Here is a really nice pumping electro-disco remix of Australia's VAN SHE. Great to play out:

>>>DAS POP - Underground (Van She Club Mix).mp3



FRIENDLY FIRES - jump in the pool (video)

hello opossums. i'm back from my trip to the french desert. I have a lot of stuff for you, so here we go for today...
First single from upcoming debut album by one of my favorite new british bands: The Friendly Fires. I missed them on the MELT festival, which is really sad. Think of The Klaxons vs. ESG mixed with everything that was (and is) good in british music. Very catchy indeed. Can't wait to hear the album, which will be out on XL records very soon. Until then, enjoy the video. And in case you don't have their two essential 10 inches, get of your sofa, and get them, while you can.

Evil Nine - They Live (Trevor Loveys RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)

1988 John Carpenter made his only kids movie, They Live. "Nada, an unemployed construction worker/wrestler comes into town looking for a job and the American dream, resplendent in his every-man mullet and check shirt combo. Following some curious police brutality, Nada stumbled upon what looks at first sight like a pair of low prop budget plastic sunglasses. They look pretty slick to him. After putting them on though, the world becomes a very different place - the innocent Nada finds himself living in a heterosexist, capitalist psychogeographical nightmare of Kruger-like proportions. Billboards urge him to get married, go to church and obey. Money turns into blank pieces of paper bearing the legend THIS IS YOUR GOD. Certain individuals turn out not to be nation loving Americans but parasitical aliens. Before long, he is all out of patience and bubblegum."

In August 2008 Evil Nine release their Single "They Live". This comes with an outstanding Trevor Loveys Remix. Buy, Consume, Obey. Did you know Trevor Loveys releases music under that name since 1996? Show some respect!

At the moment I'm sitting in an appartement right at Bondi Beach, Sydney yearning to get out and grab a coffe at "Trio". I feel glad that I optimized Trevor's great work already three weeks ago. May my post be with you... Hey, don't forget to check John Carpenter's other flicks and, far more important, the awesome soundtracks he himself composed for his movies.

Evil Nine - They Live (Trevor Loveys RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)



Ben Mono touring South America (Chapter 2: Chile)

... and the beat goes on.

click the pic!

... thanks again to the beatscollective crew for providing any necessities so immediate, ukwim (smile).

Shir Khan Megamix Part 1/XLR8R-Podcast

78 Tracks in 120 minutes. The full SHIR KHAN dose.
From Zulu-House to Strictly Rhythm to Disco to Dubstep to African Bongogrooves, to Acid, to Soul, Frontroom Deepness, Basement, Crunk and Techno.
There is so much more in there to discover. Genreblending as always.
This mix was done for the XLR8R Podcast. They decided to divide my mix into 2 parts.
So I am gonna present you the first part here now. The second part will be posted next week.
Its been a long time I made a proper Dj-mix like this. So grab it now.

1) Shir Khan - Strange Sounds Introperspective
2) Soho 2008 vs Adam Sky - Hippiechick 2008 / (Shir Khan Edit) / Exploited
3) Adam Sky feat. Danny Williams - The imperious Urge (Munk Rmx/Demoversion) / (Shir Khan Edit) / Exploited
4) David Rubato - Circuit (Siriusmo Rmx) / Institubes
5) High Powered Boys - Up and down / Institubes
6) Siriusmo - Femuscle / (Shir Khan Edit) / Exploited
7) Gameboy/Gamegirl - Fruit Salad (Roundtable Knights Rmx) / Sweat it out!
8) High Powered Boys - Up and Down / Institubes
9) The Popular People's Front / Sample Pleasures Part 3
10) Munk - Down in LA (Shazam Rmx/Demoversion) / Gomma
11) Ben Mono - Jesus was a B-Boy (Shir Khan Rmx) / (Shir Khan Edit) / Compost
12) Maurice - This is acid / Clearwater
13) Jon Cutler w /E-Man - It's yours (Bart B More Deep Vocal Dub) / Bargrooves
14) Zombie Disco Squad - Vie / Trumpets&Tom Toms EP
15) Wudwerd - Bocas del Toros (Rene van Munster Rmx) / (Shir Khan Edit) / TFE
16) The Count&Sinden feat. Rye Rye - Hardcore Girls / Domino
17) Switch - Just bounce 2 This / Freerange
18) Zulu - Circle Children (Change Mix) / (Shir Khan Edit) / Strictly Rhythm
19) The Count&Sinden - Dock Leaf (Domino)
20) Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart - We are all prostitutes (Acapella) / Exploited
21) Dj Mujava - Township Funk / Warp
22) Radioclit - Secousse (Quosa Rmx) / Mental Groove
23) Jesse Rose&Action Man - Wind it up / Made to play
24) The Martin Brothers - Dum / Dirty Bird
25) Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse (GW Edit) / 2020 Vision
26) Tomski&Fredboy - Do the tartelet / Tartelet
27) Patrice Baumel - Roar / (Shir Khan Edit) / Get Physical
28) Herve - Cheap Thrills (Armand van Helden Rmx) / Cheap Thrills
29) RQM - Miss Pacman (Oliver $ Rmx) / EXPLOITED
30) The Glimmers - I'd much rather go out with the boys / Diskimo
31) The Pointer Sisters - Send him back (Pilooski Edit) / D.I.R.T.Y.
32) Duke Dumont - Feltham / (Shir Khan Edit) / Dubsided
33) Oliver Huntemann - Fieber / (Shir Khan Edit) / Confused
34) Pnau - We have tomorrow / Etcetc
35) Shadowdancer - Cowbois (Strip Steve Rmx) / Boys Noize
36) Plasticman - Spastik / (Shir Khan Edit) / Minus
37) Tomboy - Samba / Kitsune
38) Malente&Dex - Hyperactive / Exploited
39) Malente&Dex - Hyperactive (Riva Starr Rmx feat. Jammer&Frisco) / Exploited
40) Malente&Dex - Hyperactive (Bobmo Rmx) / Exploited
41) Malente&Dex - Hyperactive (Bird Peterson Rmx) / Exploited
42) Mixhell - Highly Explicit (Brodinski Rmx) / Boys Noize
43) The Young Punx - Mashitup (Shir Khan Rmx) / Mofohifi
44) Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses at night (Beni Rmx) / (Shir Khan Edit) / Turbo
45) Laidback Luke & Tom Stephan - Show / Glitter
46) Diskokaine - Rimini (Christopher Just Rmx) / Gomma
47) Planet Soul - Set you free (Fever Mix) / Strictly Rhythm
48) Quando Quango - Love Tempo (Remix) / Strut
49) Glossy Ninjas - Pajama / Glossy Ninjas
50) Secondo - Kuwait / Souljazz
51) Terry Cooper - The Jak Dub / Supa Dupa Records
52) CLP - Ready or not (Diplo vs Sega Rmx) / (Shir Khan Edit) / Boys Noize
53) Jjak Hogan - Devo (Oliver $ Rmx) / (Shir Khan Edit) / Rekids
54) Consistent - Midnight Blend (Oliver $ Tooltime Dub) / Frontroom Recordings
55) David Gilmour Girls - Tune your aura (Freeform Five Rmx) / (Shir Khan Edit) / Relish
56) Oliver $ & Deize Tigrona - Ta Com Medo Do Mim / (Shir Khan Edit) / Man Recordings
57) Lee Mortimer - Moaning and Groaning / (Shir Khan Edit) / Dubsided
58) Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Rmx) / Freestyle Dust
59) Tittsworth feat. Kid Sister & Paserock - WTF / Plant Music
60) Act Yo Age - The Flash / (Shir Khan Edit) / Sweat it out!
61) Emynd - Urgent Party Break / (Shir Khan Edit) / Unruly
62) Surkin feat. Chromeo - Chrome Knight / (Shir Khan Edit) / Institubes
63) Lazy Jay - Honk my horn (Big&Dirty)
64) Markus Lange&Daniel Dexter - Where's my mind (Malente Rmx) / Black Fox
65) Decalicious - Urlaub (Urlaub after Urlaub Version) / Kisu
66) Egoexpress - Telefunken (Adolf Noise Rmx/Malente Re-Edit) / (Shir Khan Edit) /Ladomat
67) Goon&Koyote - Pussy Out / Disque Primeur
68) Junior Jack - Thrill me / Pias
69) Outlander - Vamp (Kevin Gormann Rmx) / R&S Records
70) Twocker - Ruffneck (Riva Starr Rmx) / Big&Dirty
71) Tomski&Fredboy - One Nation / Tartelet
72) Eine kleine Nachtmusik - La Serenissima / Modular
73) Andrew Friendly - The Bump and Grind (Acapella) / Gulp
74) Monosurround - Mushroomed (Shir Khan Dub) / Citizen Records
75) Niyi - I love you all / Holloway Hitfactory
76) Skream - Percression / Tempa
77) Rex the Dog - Bubblicious-Skit / Hundehaus Records
78) Khan of Finland - 4 Jahreszeiten / I'm single

Shir Khan Megamix Part 1/XLR8R-Podcast


Daniel Haaksman - Who's afraid of Rio?

I cant think of one party where I havent dropped at least one tune from Man Recordings.
Man Recordings is having such an enourmous output that its hard to deny it.
I can already highly suggest the upcoming "Funk Mundial" with Oliver$ and Jesse Rose.
Daniel Haaksman - who runs the label in Berlin - is probably still the only Gringo (alongside Diplo) in Baile Funk town (Favelas of Rio) who really made something happen. He was and still is responsible for bringing that Baile Funk sound outside of Rio and to combine it with some European top notch production (well at least for the "Funk Mundial" series). Of course there is also the Original Rio-Stuff on Man Recordings such as Sandrinho, Dj Edgar or Deize Tigrona.
So it was right about time to drop some solo stuff. Therefore, this time its Daniel Haaksman himself.
Hi Debut-EP is called: "Who´s Afraid Of Rio?". Here is an edit of this track. Grab it!
Daniel Haaksman - Who's afraid of Rio?
Man Recordings
Daniel Haaksman

Knixx - Good Girls, Bad Boys (Ultramoodem Video)

Knixx is starting to become the best kept secret in Berlin. I was happy enough to hear some of his demos first hand and its really fresh. And to top all of that freshness - he just got a Video from our favourite VJ-Jockey: Ultramoodem. Check it out.


THE BPA feat. David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal - Toe Jam

He was Pizzaman, Mighty Dub Katz, Fat Boy Slim and part of Freak Power, The Housemartins and Beats International. But now Norman Cooks focus on his new project "THE BPA". He's working on a album with 18 tracks feat. David Byrne and Iggy Pop. I'm really curious about it.
More about The BPA here: myspace.com/thebpa
And all the (bedroom)DJs have to check out this remix:

THE BPA feat. David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal - Toe Jam (Database Remix)

The Young Punx - Mashitup (Shir Khan Rmx)

Here is my remix for The Young Punx which has been already released in Japan.
The release in England is around end of September. Comes out on Vinyl (MofoHifi) and will be available as mp3@Beatport including a bonus instrumental version.
So far thats my best clubmix I would say. I have been asked to share this with you, so I am not gonna hide it.
Oh my gosh....its music for the clubs:)
The Young Punx - Mashitup (Shir Khan Rmx)

Shir Khan@Trailer Trash

This Friday I am playing Trailer Trash in London. If you are in town come over.


GRACE JONES (60) - Corporate Cannibal

Uups, a new Grace Jones album! After nearly 20 years the diva, icon and hardbody released a new record, produced by Sly & Robbie. And she tried to sound a bit like the recordings at the jamaican Compass Point Studio in 1980. If you don't know how it sounded back in the days, check out Grace Jones "Private Live. The Compass Point Sessions" or the highly recommended compilation "Funky Nassau. The Compass Point Story".
Here is "My Jamaican Guy" for you, the 12" version, recorded at Compass Point:

GRACE JONES - My Jamaican Guy (12" Version).mp3


I found this video today on youtube, titled "Cutting the new Morgan Geist 12"".
I'm not sure if the track on the video is really taken from the new Morgan Geist album "Double Night Time" (i hope so!), but anyway: it's always nice to see how a record is cut. His new second longplayer has an old school house/italo-disco vibe and features some old tracks like "24K" (the flipside of his über-hit "Super") or this one feat. Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys:

MORGAN GEIST - Most Of All (feat. Jeremy Greenspan).mp3

MATIAS AGUAYO - Minimal (DJ Koze Remix)

Matias Aguayo's statement to the worldwide minimal-sound. Funny that Koze of all people did a house-remix. I like.

MATIAS AGUAYO - Minimal (DJ Koze Remix)


BEN MONO touring South America. Chapter 1: Brazil.

guys - what can i say.
.... it´s been crazy 3 weeks so far.

time flies and so do i.

8 times party Brazilian style a lot of Churrasco, Caipirinha, 10 flights and 25680 km later i made it safely to chilly Santiago de Chile. so i thought this is the right moment to post some impressions i took on the way so far.


Larry Tee - I Love U

This weekend we will celebrate the next Berlin Battery Party at Picknick Club Berlin. And we are proud to present the legendary Larry Tee from N.Y.C among Munk DJ and the Berlin Battery DJs Shir Khan and Jack Tennis. The third of us, DJ Supermarkt, is still(!) on holiday but we'll give our best to rock it without him. So come over if you are around!

Here are the facts:

Saturday, 16th of august:
Picknick (it's Tanjas bithday!) and Berlin Battery presents:

Berlin Battery Floor:
Larry Tee
Munk DJ
Jack Tennis vs. Shir Khan

DJ Pomez
Der Klaus
MC Mic Jagger
Graf Heldenbrand

and the amazing Love Song Floor!

LARRY TEE - I Love U (Bart B More Secured Dub).mp3


Math Head - Turn The Music Up (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Last week I ended my post with: "I'm curious about what happens when I meet Drop The Lime this weekend at Shambhala Festival in Canada." So this week I'll let you know.

Shambs, as they call it, has been mindblowing. Awesome crowd. Great music. I enjoyed every single second when I played the Fractal Forest stage and managed to witness countless great DJ-sets. I hung with Skream, Ursula 1000, Smalltown DJs, Computer Club, The Rub, Flosstradamus, Fort Knox Five, Robb G, The Phat Conductor, Skratch Bastid, DJ Huggs, Bassnectar, Feature Cast, Wax Romeo and... yes: Drop the Lime (Luca) is a good guy. But I can tell you: Not only Luca is... They all are.

It's been my birthday yesterday and to be honest, there could have been no better present for me than to meet, speak to and exchange ideas with all these inspiring musicians. Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not kissing ass here. I just appreciate good music and good company. It's a common misconception that whenever DJs or musicians meet, they talk about music. In reality it's not very often you get asked "wich synth/sample did you use on this/that track". Might happen once in a while, but in general it's more stories, personal experiences, politics and bullshit. It's just fun to communicate with people that have a similar job or passion or just similar problems. Thanks to all you guys for being there and making my birthday a happy one.

Now I'm sitting in a hotel in Calgary, cause tonight 'll play the afterparty in HiFi Club with A. Skillz. After three days of loud music Adam and me will turn the music up one more time... till firday that is. Check all my spaces of the nice guys and buy the math head 12" because there's four more great tracks/remixes on it, it's on Palms Out Sounds and I love vinyl.

Math Head - Turn The Music Up (MALENTE Re-Edit)

PICKNICK-Party with Larry Tee and Munk

Dont forget to join us this Saturday in Berlin. Me and Jack Tennis will be hosting the upstairs floor (yes the small one) at Picknick. Larry Tee and Monsieur Modica from Munk will be joining us. Its Tanjas B-Day-Party, so show up.
We gonna post an exclusive Larry Tee track later. The last time he played at Rio Club was already 2 years ago.....so its gonna be quite funny when we squeeze him into a room where only 50 people can fit in:)

Dj Gorky (Bonde do Role)@Soundgarden with Shir Khan/Radio Fritz/05.08.08

Probably not so many people are aware of my radioshow though Radio Fritz has about 240 000 listeners daily.
But there is a lack between people using blogs and people hearing radio. I dont know if listening to the radio is old-fashioned, but since I have my radioshow I found myself listening to more radio again. When I was a teenager I remember that a few radioshows really influenced me in my dj-style. However, today people keep listening to podcasts and webradio. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to upload one of my weekly radioshows. Every week I am hosting nice people from all over the globe. Just whoever cool is in town gets invited. This show here is with Dj Gorky from Bonde do Role. Well - before you listen - dont forget - the show is mainly in german...and sorry...but my translation in the Dj Gorky-Interview kind of sucks....i Know....
The Picture of me and Gorky is also not the best. It was taken when we both Djed back to back before Simian Mobile Disco last year.
Ps: The show is about 2 hours long. To listen to the whole show you have to download this Zip-file here.

Dj Gorky (Bonde do Role)@Soundgarden with Shir Khan/Radio Fritz/05.08.08-ZIP-FILE

Here is the playlist (5.08.08):

Circuit (Aeroplane Rmx) - David Rubato - Institubes
Chrome Knight feat. Chromeo - Surkin - Institubes
Anne - Santogold vs Diplo - Mad Decent
Vie - Zombie Disco Squad - Trumpets & Tom Toms EP
Bocas del Toros (Rene Van Munster Rmx) - Wudwerd - TFE Records
Hardcore Girls - The Count&Sinden - Domino
Buono - Crookers - Mad Decent
Joystick (Tomboy Rmx) - Discodeine - Dirty Records
Miss Pacman (Oliver $ Dub) - RQM - Exploited
Melo Do Tabaco - Bonde do Role - Mad Decent
Dj-Set GORKY (BONDE DO ROLE/no playlist!)
Fruit Salad (Dj Gorky Rmx feat. Bonde do Role) - Gameboy/Gamegirl - Sweat it out!
Morris Park (Dj Gorky Rmx) - Lenny Seaser - Fania
She cant love you - Disko Real Right vol.2 - Galaxy Sound Company
Summer in the city (Peter Visti Edit) - Mindless Boogie - Mindless Boogie
Take care of Business (Pilooski Edit) - Nina Simone - Verve
Wanda Rode again - Wade Nichols - RVNG of the NRDS vol.5
Get Down Shep - The Popular People's Front - Sample Pleasures Part3
Hypercommunication (Alter Ego Rmx) - Pony Hoax -Tigersushi
Dumb - The Martin Brothers - Dirty Bird
Erotic Discourse (GW Edit) - Bobby Peru - 2020 Vision
This is  Acid - Maurice - Clearwater
it´s yours - bart b more deep vocal dub - jon cutler w/ e-man - Bargrooves



Malente&Dex are the new superteam and they are going superstrong on Exploited. For their upcoming release "HYPERACTIVE" with remixes from Bobmo, Bird Peterson and Riva Starr they get lots of love from Erol Alkan, Surkin, Tommie Sunshine, Herve, Fake Blood, Zombie Nation, Jokers of the Scene and so many more.
Therefore, we decided to make a little party in Daniels (DEX:) hometown Ingolstadt. Next Friday - if you live in Bavaria - join us. Of course we gonna do the proper big deal here in Berlin as well. Check all of us out on September 27th at VILLA! Word. But...did I tell you that this Saturday there is also a Berlin Battery party at Picknick? We are hosting one floor with Larry Tee and Munk at Tanjas B-Day....Yippie...gonna be loads of fun!

SHIR KHAN - Charts / 09-08-08

Normally, I dont post my charts here, but since everybody keeps asking me and also Brodinski wanted my charts for his blog, I think its time for Shir Khan's charts on Berlin Battery:

Shir Khan (Exploited / Berlin) - CHARTS

David Rubato - Circuit (Siriusmo Rmx) / Institubes
Malente&Dex - Hyperactive (Bobmo Rmx) / Exploited
Wudwerd - Bocas del Toros (Rene Van Munster Rmx) / TFE
Tomski&Fredboy - One Nation / Tartelet
RQM - Miss Pacman (Oliver $ Rmx) / Exploited
Twocker - Ruffneck (Riva Starr Rmx) / Big&Dirty
The Young Punx - Mashitup (Shir Khan Rmx) / MofoHifi
Markus Lange&Daniel Dexter - Where is my mind? (Malente Rmx) / Black Fox
Mixhell - Highly Explicit (Brodinski Rmx) / Boys Noize
Tiga and Zynherius - Sunglasses at Night (Beni Rmx) / Turbo

ACTH Djs Mix for VICE

My favourite London boys did it again: "Adventures Close to Home" did a sweet dancefloormix for VICE.
ACTH are putting together the most challenging nights in London.
Glad to see they included one track from Exploited Records in it. Find it!:)

ACTH Beat-a-pella (feat L'il Jon & Jay Z)
Martin Brothers - "Dum"
DJ Mujava - "Township Funk"
Justin Martin - "Revox"
Riva Starr - "I Jack U"
Surkin - "White Night 2" (Laidback Luke Remix)
Alan Braxe feat Killa Kela - "Nightwatcher" (Tony Senghore Remix)
Radioclit - "Secousse" (Crookers Remix)
Duke Dumont - "Borstal Beat"
Malente & Dex - "Hyperactive" (Bobmo Remix)
Herve - "Cheap Thrills" (Armand van Helden Remix)
Fake Blood - "Mars"
Boy 8 Bit - "The Dreams that Freaks are Made Of"

ACTH Djs Mix for VICE

RQM - Miss Pacman (Oliver$ Rmx) / Exploited Records

This was just released on Vinyl. So here is a little free goodie for you from Exploited Records.
RQM has been involved in too many projects to mention here - but the most important thing....he is going solo now.
His debut is MISS PACMAN with top ass remixes from Oliver $, Dj Chernobyl and Act yo Age.
There is more stuff coming - watch out for the collabo with Sirius Mo - going to be released next year on Exploited.
For now, I leave you with the Oliver $ Remix. To be honest, Oliver $ is the hottest producer in Berlin right now.
From Jackin House, to Fidget, to Basslines. You cant go wrong with him!
RQM - Miss Pacman (Oliver$ Rmx)
Buy Vinyl@Juno
Buy mp3s@Beatport


Shir Khan - Live-Dj-Set@Killerkitsch/Buffclub/Glasgow

Actually, there are not so many live-recordings of my dj-sets. I just found this one in the internet. Normally, my booking-agency doesnt allow to have live-recordings of my sets, cause they know i am always drunk, might fuck up and spoil my image:)
Well - here is one i did in Glasgow, Scottland for a party called Killerkitsch@The Buff Club. Of course there are some mistakes in the set - what can you do. But well, I wasnt drunk that day. And actually I wouldnt say thats an incredibly good fresh set. But at least its a good party set including a bit of disco, distorted electro, basement, deep tunes, some acid and mash-ups. So you get a bit of the Shir Khan-repertoire in 2 hours.

Shir Khan - Live-Dj-Set@Killerkitsch/Buffclub/Glasgow


The Bang Gang Deejays did it again. A new Mix-CD. The Modular Newsletter promises 45 Songs in 10 Minutes. I dont know if they meant the snippet for this release or the real Mix-CD. So I wonder how they would clear all the rights. However - I jumped over to the Bang Gang Podcast and just checked it out. Its superdope. It seems to include every single hot tune from 2008 and 2007. I also spotted one of my remixes in their mix (the one for "The Jai-Alai Savant" i once did). So now just go over to their podcast. Its worth checking it out anyway. Australia is in the hizz-ouse again.



a short message from my "holy" holidays in he countryside in france: i will do a very special performance in Taragona at the palmfest2008 together with Australia's finest GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL. i can't tell you what is going to happen, becuse i don't know yet, but it is going to be spectacular.
There will be no posts until the end of august from my side, because i am in a place where the internet reaches it's limits. There is no "fast" internet in the countryside in france. a download/upload of one song takes between 45 to 60 minutes. There is always time to make a coffee while waiting for a website like "myspace" to open (there is absolutely no chance to watch a video on youtube..). It's like the 70s are back! and it's a test in ZEN-meditation...
so enjoy my colleagues' stuff until then. it's great (although i can not download it...) see you end of august!


Moby - Alice (Drop The Lime Rmx / MALENTE Re-Edit)

For those who didn't know, I was frontman of a German Indierock band till 2002. With this band we've been booked by one of the biggest German states radio stations to play their New Years Eve party 1999 (broadcasted live on TV!) A killer event some time back when the music biz made money and everybody spent money. The fee was outragous and every artist was free to bring 10 close friends to the party for whom the radio booked rooms in a great hotel. Unfortunately most of my friends can't behave.

The guitar player of my band made friends with the girls from make-up who threw their rouge at him and made him look like a drag-queen-indirock-guitar-player. He did this only to drive me mad, because he knew a was anal about or image. Another friend was so drunk that he lost his glasses, his purse and about everything else of value. The third friend found a "groupie" though he wasn't in the band. Not only that this "groupie" stole his purse while being with him in his room, she somehow also managed to damage his penis (no joke) so he had to visit a doctor the next day to make the bleeding stop. Friend number four convinced the poor guy at the reception that our gang had to go to the spa after the show at 3 a.m. to enjoy the whirlpool and sauna. We were already having a great party in these facilities with another friend of mine hitting on my girlfriend when Moby entered.

Moby played that party with a whole band and it was quite good. Anyway. He wasn't too happy about us being in the whirlpool and recreation area and went straight into the sauna. Well he tried. When he was about to enter our guitar player was just about to piss on the hot stones to see what happens or maybe just with no reason at all. Maybe because he was too drunk. Don' ask me. Moby ran out in a hurry. That's when I met Moby. I'm curious about what happens when I meet Drop The Lime this weekend at Shambhala Festival in Canada. If you're around, drop by. It should be fun... (Moby can't come, he's in Germany at SonneMondSterne Festival)

Moby - Alice (Drop The Lime Rmx / MALENTE Re-Edit)


KEEDZ - Stand On The Word

No, this is NOT Justice. But a good rip off, I think. The original choir sample comes from The Joubert Singers (aka Celestial Choir), a gospel choir from the 80's. Larry Levan did a great remix back in the days, maybe you've heard it late at night/early in the morning at one of our parties. Distort fron france remixed the Keedz version too, which sounds the same, only a bit more, well, distorted... Blogosphers late commercial summerhit? Love it or hate it.