Pase Rock - Get Money Kids (MALENTE Re-Dub II)

Chicago House, Acid House, Hip House... they're back no doubt. And I'm already bored by this poor attempt of an introduction... This isn't how this post is gonna end (hopefully). Let me be honest with you. As I don't earn anything doing this, my weekly post should at least be no time consuming obligation. At best it should be fun. I'm sitting in Calgary airport now, waiting for my plane back to Frankfurt. It's been a great little tour and now's just the perfect time to write. Stupid thing is, that I don't have any idea about what. I need a topic that doesn't bore me to death. I seem to have the choice between the Dollar, the History of House Music and Pase Rock. Hm, he's in Spank Rock and... ? I don't know much about Pase Rock, but me and him we go way back. And writing about our personal relationship will be fun for me. That's for sure. So Pase Rock it is.

So here's my rather unimportat "pseudo-jetset" and "semi-in touch with the stars" stuff. I remember meeting Pasey Pase* briefly in Miami a year and a half ago. We had dinner with the Smalltown DJs and some friends of them. Can you call it "meeting somebody" when you have dinner with that person amongst others, but only introduce yourselft to her/him and nothing more? I have no clue, but I guess rather not. So I might not have met him.

But then, beginning of 2008 I played a festival with Spank Rock in Australia. It took me a while to recognize Pase I must admit, so I didn't say "Hi" or something. Also because it would have been too late. You can't just go to somebody and tell them "Hi Pasey Pase, I had dinner with you and ten other guys in Miami, March 2007". Especially after you've been around that person for some minutes already. Okay, maybe you can. But I decided not to do that. There's a 0.9 percent chance he had the same thoughts and a 99.1% chance he didn't recognize me at all (and will never). That's how Pase Rock's and my story goes. That's how far we go back. How tight we are...

That DJ of Spank Rock though is a funny guy. Hm, they have two djs right? Well, I just talked to one of them. I forgot his name. He was pretty funny.

Enough of this weeks insider talk. I'll end this exciting post with giving you two Re-Dubs of Pase Rock's latest frenzy and a poor paparazzi shot of mine. You earned it. Hey. You still awake?

After "Field Day" (that great Australian Festival I mentioned earlier) we did a little boat trip - artists and promoters only. That's where I took this photo. If you look close enough you can see Chromeo and some members of Spank Rock (including Pase Rock far left). Feadz is drunk and sunburned and not in the picture. Go myspace, go! And buy my head off. Brain is on out, so no danger at all.

* In the money tune he says "They call me Pasey Pase" So I'm just being them. Hope that's fine.

Pase Rock - Get Money Kids (MALENTE Re-Dub I)
Pase Rock - Get Money Kids (MALENTE Re-Dub II)



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