FATBOY SLIM aka THE BRIGHTON PORT AUTHORITY - The Toe Jam feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal (video)

The Man is back. And what a great video. This is Censorship gone wrong (or right, or left...) I especially like the scene with the vintage Video-tennis-Game. Watch it, it has a lot of NUDITY!!!!
Oh, and the music is not bad either. It is sooo Fatboy Slim! The song has this Carribean feel that i really like, and of course David Byrne's (Talking Heads) voice fits perfect to that vibe. And when Dizzee starts rapping the song really gets going. I have to admit i always liked Norman Cook (...how uncool is that nowadays). His early music as Fatboy Slim (especially his first album) really influenced my way of "Punk"-deejaying party style. So thanks Norman!
BPA is his newest alias (Brighton Port Authority). There will be more this summer.

And here is DIZEE RASCAL'S new single "Dance wiv me", because it is a nice disco-electro-rap-pop song. Wonder why? Well, it's featuring the voice (and sound) of man of the moment Calvin Harris. Another example of Hip Hop embracing Electro more and more, which will be the next big thing, promised (if you like it or not..., i am not sure, actually!)

>>>DIZZEE RASCAL - Dance wiv me (feat. CALVIN HARRIS).mp3


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