Voodoo Chilli - Street Players

Herve aka Vooddo Chili aka The Count here with his take on Discofunk-Cutup.
The new TITANS EP on CHEAP THRILLS is all Disco-madness with a nice B-more Twist.
For "Street Players" Herve ripped CHICAGO's Classic "Street Player" which was also sampled by Kenny Dope for "The Bucketheads - The Bomb". I tested this version 10 days ago in Darmstadt@603qm and about 1000 people were going mad to this one.
I am sure I am gonna drop it for the fun of it again today at the Berlin Battery Party. By the way - Herve aka the Count is playing together with Sinden at the Man Recordings-Tent@Melt!Festival this summer.

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Dennis hat gesagt…

Ich habe nur darauf gewartet, dass sich jemand mal diesen Track vornimmt oder wieder ausgräbt und auflegt. Wetten, dass man das Orginal bald wieder öfter hören wird… Der hier macht mich irgendwie nervös.

vi ses!