BUNNY RABBIT soon @ berlinbattery party (31.5., Scala)

Next week we will have another berlinbattery party in Berlin/Scala together with Conny from Rio Club. We are really happy to have some veryvery special guests again. BUNNY RABBIT are from Brooklyn and they are an eruption of beats, rhymes, attitude and female power! They shout their rhymes about perverse sex, drugs, and rock n roll over some of the most starking basslines that come out of NY for some time. They combine the fuck-off attitude of PEACHES with the skillz of M.I.A. and the artschool-style of CHICKS ON SPEED and the politics of LE TIGRE. This will be an explosion! And - how cool is that - they are signed to CocoRosie's label VoodooEROS, where they released their album "lovers and crypts". This is REAL! See you there!

"The record oozes with slow grinding melodies, charming obscenities and homespun beats ready-made for dance club demolition." - VICE MAGAZINE


31.5. Berlin: Scala
Bunny Rabbit (live)
Shir Khan
Jack Tennis
DJ supermarkt
and more...

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