THE YOUNG PUNX - It doesn't stop

Michael Jackson samples are ruling the indie-club-world again. After Hervé used "Thriller" on "Cheap thrills", now The Young Punx give it a go with a cheesy electro-house version (here the instrumental) of the unforgettable brass-hook of "Don't stop till you get enough" by Michael Jackson (actually both samples sound quite similar, i just found out... cause i mixed them up first). This one will make people either dance and scream or throw hard things at the DJ, i promise (love these tracks). This is as explosive as Hervé's version but way more dangerous for the style-Police. I will play it anyway. Take a shit on the club-art-police! Hopefully these two tracks will tell Michael Jackson where to go in the future musicwise, as he obviously needs some money (and redirection) nowadays...
The Young Punx are from London and are signed to Southern Fried Records (the label, where Fatboy Slim is burning his millions) and is a typical example of the label: always on the narrow road between cool club bombs and ugly, cheesy Ibiza-club-stompers. On the label there are a.o. the great Black Ghosts, Crookers and Armand van Helden. The Young Punx have an album coming up in august called "your music is killing me", which in my ears unfortunately goes too much in the Ibiza-handbag-electrohouse direction (i would appreciate an instrumental version of the album...). There is a completly ugly version of "it doesn't stop" on it with a female soul-singer. uuuhhh!

Oh, and some time ago i posted their AMAZING Rave-Electro-House remix for Sonny J's " i can't stop moving". here it is again:

SONNY J - i can't stop moving (Young Punx rmx).mp3


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