I was soooo looking forward to listening to Sebastien Tellier's new album, i ran into the shop and bought the vinyl (which i had to give back, because it sounds like a fleemarket record, that somebody dumped Cola on...I hope it's only my copy) But then musically i have to say that it is not "the big album" that i expected. There are truely AMAZING songs on it (for example this one "Kilometer"), that sound like a mix of PHOENIX and SERGE GAINSBOURG in his "sea, sex and sun"-era, produced by Pharrell. But then there are several songs, which just breeze through my ears (and mainly out on the other side). I guess thats what he calls "balearic" (cosmic) about his music, but to me they just "dudel" along and just don't go anywhere. I am not a fan of all that Cosmic-Stuff (Lindstrom, Prins Thomas etc...) anyway, because i think it is often pointless and "Hippyish" in a real bad Ibiza-way with these over-over-overlayering Synth-sounds, you would have been kicked out of the dj booth for some time ago... So, make up your own mind. He is and stays a true genius, but i prefer his Pop-side... and wait some more time for his difficult fourth album.

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