10 years of BUNGALOW CLUB-POP revisited: 1998 - 2008! ( a dj-mix by DJ Supermarkt)

Did this DJ-mix for a book on Berlin, which is going to be published soon with 4 extra-CDs (this is one of them). Kind of sums up the club-pop-side of le hammond inferno's label BUNGALOW RECORDS (oh, actually that's Holger & me...). It was great fun making the mix because a lot of memories came up (mostly good ones...). It's hard to imagine today with music from electronic pop-acts like Justice, Soulwax, Klaxons etc.. all over good dancefloors, that in the nineties people tried to kill you for playing songs with guitars and too much vocals on it in clubs. Well, we survived! I hope you enjoy this mix of Soft-Disco, Electrofunk, Breakbeats, Electropop from all over the world (here: Berlin, Tokyo, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Belfast, Kopenhagen, Vienna and Mexico City) as much as i do.

01. Outfit - 1st Outfit
02. Losfeld – New Balance
03. The Maxwell Implosion – Follow My Riddim (Ben Human rmx)
04. Fluffy Target - Do It
05. Katerine – 100% V.I.P. (DJ Supermarkt rmx)
06. Dana & Siriusmo – Ick hab wat bessret vor...
07. Le Hammond Inferno – Move your Mp3 (extended version)
08. Dauerfisch – Ride my bike (Machine Gun Ibiza-mix)
09. Peter Thomas vs Maxwell Implosion – Warp back to earth
10. Olympic Lifts – And the winner is (Jupiter Ace rmx)
11. Mina - Desktop (Ian Pooley rmx)
12. Namosh – The pulse (whomadewho rmx)
13. Le Hammond Inferno – Not on the guestlist (Malente rmx)
14. Le Hammond Inferno – Margret Evening Fashion (LHI vs Copasetic mix)
15. Jack Tennis – Propeller
16. Chips - So Chique!
17. Los Fancy Free – Voltage is ok (Siriusmo rmx)
18. Dauerfisch - Bitte gehen sie weiter
19. Stereo Total - Wir tanzen im 4eck (Christopher Just rmx)

>>bungalow clubpop revisited: dj mix by DJ Supermarkt (ZIP/94mb)



Anonym hat gesagt…

This is great, Thank you..

grrr! hat gesagt…

is it really 10 years ago? i can still remember it as if it was yesterday when i got my copy at art theater in cologne...