Don't really understand the discussion/problem, some people have with them being well educated, rich guys. Does that make the music less AMAZING? C'mon, this is 2008 and - thank god - not "the streets" of L.A.! Although they live in USA, there is definetly no danger of them getting killed in a drive-by-shooting, which makes them very sympathetic to me. Love their album, and especially love this song. The hype surrounding them is - to me- completly deserved. "A-Punk" sounds like nothing else at the moment, and to me a bit like AZTEC CAMERA played by a traditional band from Africa. Brilliant! And the video is great too. It was produced by artists Hammer & Tongs and the band describe it as 'jittery Charlie Chaplin meets The Mighty Boosh'. I'm with them.

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Their video is a clear rip-off of the video for "Run to Your Grave" by LA band the Mae Shi... It was out months before... See for yourself...