DJ SUPERMARKT: "It's Coming Up..." - 23-min. Minimix for Radio Fritz

visited Signore Shir Khan at his new Radio Show on Radio Fritz and banged out this 23-minute cut-up-rave-disco-mashup-mini-mix. Really like the energy in it, so i thought i'd share it with you. Enjoy!

1. Supermarkt-Intro
2. Knightlife - all systems (cutters)
3. Tronik Youth - we are (Punks Jump Up rmx)(Backyard)
4. Sirusmo - all the girls (philippe boyar edit) (Exploited)
5. Hot Chip - ready for the floor (soulwax dub) (EMI)
6. Sonny J - Can't stop moving (Young Punx rmx)
7. Bobmo - to the bobmobile (institubes)
8. Thomas Bangalter - Spinal scratch vs Tone Loc - Wild Thing (berlinbattery)
9. Alavi - Smells like RERO X vs. Skitzo dancer accapella (berlinbattery)
10. A-Skillz - Strawberry Jam (insane bangers)
11. Askillz vs Beatvandals - Money (insane bangers)
12. Jackson five - i want you back (Rogerseventytwo rmx)

Catch me deejaying tomorrow, february 7th at Maria-Club:
& Dj Supermarkt

more dates:
07.02. Berlin, Maria (with Chicks on speed)
15.02. Ingolstadt, Maki (with Jack Tennis)
23.02. Berlin, Cookies (berlinbattery with Breakbot (Moshi Moshi/Paris), Jack Tennis)
29.02. Hamburg, Pudels (mit Jack tennis)
07.03. Madrid, Low club
08.03. Berlin, Villa (with Shir Khan, Jack tennis a.m.m.)
09.05. ESP - Palma de Mallorca, kamehameha club
10.05. ESP - Mallorca, Muro salafonica (with Moonbootica)
30/31.05. CH/Neuchatel, Festi'neuch Open air 2008

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thanks! love your music!

please check out: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=MPG-LYoW27E

=> nice, isn´t it?