TODD RUNDGREN - Hello It's me

This is one of my all time favorite songs: "Hello it's me" from fantastic weirdo TODD RUNDGREN. The psychedelic side of Softrock! Some of you might have heard this beautiful ballad before in the soundtrack of Sophia Coppola's 1999 movie "VIRGIN SUICIDES". This performance is part of a 1973 TV show called "Midnight special", presented by the Four Tops... or is it The Temptations, or The Drifters...ahhh whatever. The song creeps even deeper into your soul, when you watch the incredible face of Todd Rundgren playing piano...and his blue coloured hair!, his blue painted fingers!, his expressive costume! and his painted butterfly eyebrows! (besides his unforgettable teeth...). Somebody very wise once said (no it wasn't GOD): you never get to heaven without calling at least one TODD RUNDGREN album your own! Right. I think by now you get the idea.

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