PHOENIX KISS (by Tommy Yamaha & Ekki Eletrico)

I was ínvited to deejay in Nürnberg on the legendary wild WILDSTYLE party at Hirsch the weekend before christmas. The night is hosted by our friends Tommy Yamaha (Strike Boys) and Ekki Elétrico (Trio Elétrico) for 11!!! years already and other guests so far were the cream of the advanced party-rave dancefloor: Stereo Mcs, Freestylers, Digitalism, Stanton Warriors, The Glimmer Twins, Jacques Lucont, Le Hammond Inferno, Malente, DJ Koze, Tim Love Lee, Superdiscount, Faze Action, Soul of Man, DJ Friction, Ursula 1000, Fort Knox Five, Adam Freeland, Capoeira Twins, Dub Pistols, The Dirty Beatniks, Silly Walks Movement, Drumattic Twins. Besides their own projects they did some great tracks together. "Phoenix City" was my favorite on Stereo De Luxe. As Le Hammond Inferno we played this upbeat Ska-House-Fun track for ages. Now the two did this great bootie combining Lil Louis' "Frensh Kiss" with their "Phoenix City".... to a stunning effect. Watch people go mad on this one!

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