MY 17 FAVORITE POP SINGLES OF 2007 (dj supermarkt-free-download-compilation)

here is a free compilation with 17 of my favorite 2007 pop-singles. Musically it jumps from lazy disco to softrock to electrofunk to catchy Nu-Rave and more... I’d love to hear all these songs on daytime radio one day...well...I keep on dreaming!)

1. REPUBLIC OF LOOSE – Comeback Girl
2. TELÉ – Mario (EROBIQUE night version)
3. MILES BONNY – Miles gets open
4. TALC – Robot returns
5. CHROMATICS – In the city
6. BADLY DRAWN BOY – Promises (REVERSO 68 rmx)
7. FINDLAY BROWN – Loosing the will to survive (BEYOND THE WIZARDS SLEEVE rmx)
8. DAVID E. SUGAR – Chelsea Girls
9. BREAKBOT – Summer party
10. THE TEENAGERS – Starlett Johansson
12. WOMBATS – Let’s dance to Joy Division
13. FRANKIE VALLI – Beggin‘ (PILOOSKI edit)
14. MILK KHAN feat DOLLY PARTON – Here you come again
15. MIDLAKE – Roscoe (Beyond the wizards sleeve rmx)
16. LIGHTSPEED CHAMPION – Galaxy of the lost
17. DJ FOUNDATION – I shot you babe


Dennis hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank für diese wunderbare Compilation!


dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

oh, herzlich willkommen, der Herr


le supermarché

Arty "Fucking" Smokes hat gesagt…

That Teenagers track was my 2nd favourite of the year. Can't wait to hear the rest of them. Thanks for sharing.

Now if only I can get past all the ads on Zshare.... :/

dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

enjoy it.
it seems that zshare is really busy today. Lots of poeple had probblems with it.


Anonym hat gesagt…

If it would be only one track that could repair any rotten soul and save any lost ego at sea then this would have to be the wizards sleeve remix of Midlakes "Roscoe". Never ever have I encountered such heavy vibes. unreal. and far beyond. cheers buddy. The original, being almost perfect already, is treated like it could be the last song of the universe. And all would have been good.

gamine hat gesagt…

Da möchte ich doch auch mal DANKE sagen!

Anonym hat gesagt…

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