Oh. I love Singapore Airlines so much. Markus (Supermarkt) was totally right that this is the best flight agency. I could choose between 98 movie channels and yes - I could also play computer games...just as SPACE INVADERS...classic! However, made my way from Singapore to Australia to give it a bit of Dj-Touring here. Just played at the Bang Gang Deejays Party in Melbourne at 3rd Class. That was brilliant. Met Gameboy/Gamegirl there. Also Sidney got totally crazy. Now I am hanging here around at Bondi Beach trying to bring a toxicated body into motion....Actually I got back into riding the waves....Last time I did this was nearly 18 years ago. Wow! Yesterday I checked out some Koala Bears, Kangoroos and Tasmanian Devils...yeah...Zoo Khan kicked it in the jungle. My reccommendation for today: REVLOVER - CAN'T STAND (ZZT RMX). Thats a standout track which is going to be released in January on RELISH. Just used it in Sidney as my intro and everybody asked what it is. Its all mental and the weird pianolick in the middle is nasty. Actually..its too new...so I am not going to post this. Another funny tune is: JENNIFER ROSTOCK - KOPF ODER ZAHL (DEICKIND RMX)...quite impressed by this one. Funny German lyrics in a dope Deichkind Rmx. Already played it and it rocked! So the track I am going to post is from Yukseks mate Brodinksi from France. This came out on Mental Groove and comes with Remixes from the ones of Radioclit and Crookers. Crookers did the most banging and since I have been playing this tune to death I am gonna post it here for you.

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